| Grand Finale [Fall 2015]
Empowering social innovators with minimal tech
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Grand Finale [Fall 2015]

After 12 weeks of hard work, FEUP students and social innovators have developed together technological products and services aimed to support their social impact ventures.

FEUP students worked in teams following a very agile way (Scrum) with the product management leadership of social innovators. FEUP students learned to manage expectations, to estimate their work, to collaborate within their team, and to communicate constantly with the external social innovators. Social innovators were able to drive the development in order to maximize value for their social ventures.

The time is over. The final releases are ready. The products will be presented in a public event – the grand finale, at 6 January 2016, 14h00-18h30, FEUP room B001.

Final Program

14h00 Welcome, by Prof. João Pascoal Faria, Director MIEIC and Prof. Raul Vidal, Director DEI

14h10 Opening Keynote “Inovação Social @ IES”, by Hélder Sampaio, IES-SBS

14h30 Coding for Social Impact: resulting products (part 1)

16h00 Coffee-break

16h30 Coding for Social Impact: resulting products (part 2)

18h00 Closing

18h30 Farewell, by Prof. João Falcão e Cunha, Director FEUP


All are invited to participate and celebrate!


Ademar Aguiar
FEUP, U.Porto | 28 Dec 2015

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